3 Questions with John Paul of Dashingly Turnham

I have exciting news to share!

My first-ever interview as a blogger has been published! John Paul (aka JP), the editor of Dashingly Turnham, has featured me on his blog.

JP and I first met at An Evening with Francois and have since formed such a fun friendship. You can certainly tell since we ended up matching tops by coincidence. #twinsies #stripesforthewin

A few weeks ago we spent the afternoon at Sylvan Thirty to shoot pictures and sit down for coffee at the new Houndstooth Coffee shop. I answered JP’s 3 questions and talked about a few different topics from my blog to food.

Head over to Dashingly Turnham to read the whole interview and view photos takes by Jayare Tillman of Blink 300m Photography.

Direct link –> Interview: DashinglyTurnham x TXElizabeth





Featured Location: Sylvan Thirty