📷 Photography by Katsi Santamaria

Hola, Howdy, and Welcome!

My name is Elizabeth. I am the founder and blogger of tx elizabeth, a Dallas-based lifestyle blog.

I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and have lived in East Dallas for over 20-something years. Currently I work for a Fortune 500 company where I consult in Irving, Texas. I graduated from Southern Methodist University (SMU) with a bachelor’s degree and studied communications, public relations, and Spanish.

In August 2016, I started tx elizabeth to chronicle my travels and explorations in the great state of Texas and beyond. I enjoy eating (and drinking) at trendy new places around town, as well as, attending exciting events. If it is new to town, then I want to be there, and hopefully I can show you new things to do too.

As a millennial (petite) Latina, I also believe in being the best version of “you.” I hope that through my blog you are able to learn more about yourself, experience new adventures, and nourish your soul. Topics in my blog go far beyond travel and food to style, DIY, and much more.

Head over to the sections of the tx elizabeth blog that catch your eye and follow my journey. Let me know what you like best, what you would like me to try / visit , or simply say “hello.”

Thanks for dropping by! Gracias!





P.S. For fun, here are 10 things you did not know about me:

1. Growing up I spent the summers in Mexico, specifically in a small town within the state of Guanajuato. In fact, Spanish was my first language!

2. I am a huge fan of tacos, margaritas, elote (in a cup and on the cob), and churros. My favorite taco spot in Dallas is La Ventana

3. At work, I love to listen to podcasts. Topics range from criminal investigations, shows, life and love. Spotify is also another go-to for me especially with the custom playlist that are automatically created for my taste in music.

4. I have been to 4 of 7 continents, including North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. And yes, I would love to visit Antarctica too!

5. I am ambivert (introvert/extrovert hybrid). Sometimes I like my “me” time and other times I love socializing.

6. The State Fair of Texas is my favorite Texas tradition. I have never missed a year!

7. I almost always watch shows and movies with subtitles. I suppose you can say, I do not like to miss a thing!

8. I am a middle child. I have an older sister that lives in New York City and a younger brother that lives in Dallas.

9. Coffee is my go-to. Although I am trying to drink more tea.

10. I love spending time with my girl friends. I have met many great women as a result of Circle Seven Five. We do everything and anything from movie night to working out and attending events around Dallas.

📷 Photography by Katsi Santamaria